The 12 Rays

The Twelve Ray Energy system is an energy system of such sophistication that most people who use energy are greatly surprised by its versatility and power. All energies are made of combinations of the 12 Rays, and the 12 Ray system enhances and increases the strength of any other subtle/channeled energy or energy product.

Using the 12 Ray system you can:

  • Strengthen the power of any energy/attunement you have ever received in any energy system
  • Strengthen all future energies/attunements you will ever receive
  • Strengthen the subtle field of any object that has a subtle energy field, such as a crystal
  • Run a very powerful shakti (energy) that can produce transformation on any level of your being - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This energy can also be used for other people.

In addition, during the course you will receive:

  • Attunements that strengthen your subtle bodies so that you can hold and use more channeled energy
  • An attunement that works at the brain and nervous system level to release negative patterns
  • Subtle body, chakra and meridian purification attunements
  • An attunement which promotes a profound state of serenity and well being

If you would like to radically transform your ability to use channeled energy, the 12 Ray Energy System may be just the course for which you are looking.

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