About Lifeforces

Based in Tokyo since 1994, Lifeforces offers true, integrated holistic therapy, addressing the mind, body and spirit simultaneously to access the root causes of any complaint, disease or injury. Using hypnosis, hypno-psychotherapy, physical therapy incorporating craniosacral therapy and channeled energies, clients are assisted to enter an inner space from where insights and lasting healing can take place.

In addition to healing, we teach many different classes: channeled energy, including Reiki (original Japanese form as well as modern variants), Sekhem and Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N.) classes; effective meditation; and chakra work. We also offer an energetic-based feng shui advisory service for any environment.

We conduct counseling sessions over the telephone; hold free Reiki Share meetings and introductions to SUN energies. In addition, if you have questions concerning spirituality, healing, or complementary practices, you are welcome to call us or send an e-mail and we will be happy to offer information free of charge.

We call ourselves Lifeforces because Life forces change to occur and we work with Life forces.

email hari@lifeforces.org or telephone Japan 080 5069 1714 or email petyalowe@mail.com or telephone Japan 090 6107 4968
Introductions to SUN Energies