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What is a so-called 'guardian angel'? How does one contact him/her/it? Are there other angels? What is an archangel? Lifeforces offers a variety of classes on working with angels and explains what angels are and the benefits and methods of getting in touch with them. Classes are from the Spiritual Unfoldment Network.

The World of Angels - Try this Test

Our workshops are designed to be of benefit to anyone, but to see if you are one of those who will get the most from them (or if the angels are advising you to do one), take this simple test. Many of the very powerful angels S.U.N. works with have agreed to help anyone who sincerely does this.

1. Take five minutes to prepare yourself for the steps below. Relax. Examine your motives for working with angels. Release any preconceptions you have about working with angels. Be open to new experiences!

2. Ask the angel to take five minutes to introduce itself to you and to reveal itself to you in whatever way is most appropriate for you. Do not expect the angel to materialize in the room; this seldom happens. Instead the angel may send you a mental image. The image need not look like a traditional angel; it could take whatever form is right for you. Or you may sense the energy field of the angel. Or just feel a presence, perhaps in your heart. The angel may send you information, but leave it up to the angel to decide if this is best.

3. Ask the angel to do five minutes of whatever energy work is most appropriate. Leave it up to the angel to decide what is best. If you have a significant experience in either step 2 or step 3, you are particularly likely to benefit from a S.U.N. workshop.

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Angel Workshops:

Working With Your Guardian Angel For Guidance & Protection: Learning to work closely with your guardian angel is one of the most important and life-changing steps you can take. This workshop contains specific information useful to everyone, from those who are not convinced yet they have a guardian angel to those who are already expert at this kind of work and are ready to learn methods previously available only in certain mystery schools.

Working with the Angel of Abundance: "Abundance" refers to all forms of abundance, not only to financial abundance. In this life-changing course, you will receive attunements designed by the angel to help you become more abundant, to increase your ability to communicate with and receive energy from this angel, and enable you to benefit more from an ongoing relationship with the angel.

Working with the Angel of Creative Wisdom: Permanently transform the ability of your heart to give and receive love with personalized energy work and ancient mystery school initiations from this extraordinarily beautiful and powerful angel.

Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Brow Chakra

This initiation from the angelic kingdom results in a truly profound opening of the brow chakra. A common problem with getting the brow chakra open is that it closes down again as soon as we encounter the stresses of daily living. This initiation also places a shield around the brow chakra that protects you from negative influences in your environment. A remarkable property of the shield is that, rather than causing you to feel separate from your environment, it actually helps you feel more connected to life.

Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Heart Chakra

Same course content as "Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Brow Chakra" (above), but for opening the heart chakra.

Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Same course content as "Angelic Opening and Shielding of the Brow Chakra" (above), but for opening the solar plexus chakra.

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