Before I came to see Petya for the first time I used to suffer from really intense migraines, totally incapacitating for days on end. After the first session of craniosacral therapy, I haven't suffered a migraine like it even once! As if that's not all, through our sessions since then I feel like worlds have been opened to me that I always knew existed but that somehow had become closed off to me.

I am lighter, physically and mentally, and spiritually. Life is so much more fun! Petya is extremely warm and very easy to talk to and relax with. Her techniques are very liberating and yet she never pushes you in a set direction or assumes anything about what is right for you.

I cannot recommend her, or any of the SUN courses she and Hari teach, enough!

Kristina Takashina,

Tokyo November 2005

I would like to say thank you to you for the distance attunement yesterday on "Creative Wisdom". At about 1 pm yesterday, I felt such a sense of "total presence" when I was in my class, and the groundedness. When I went home, I also felt an uplifting effect and a change in my posture. And I knew I have received your attunement. Thank you so much! It was very powerful.

Gwee Lay Kheng

Singapore October 2005

On the recommendation of my wife, I booked an appointment with Hari, a new man in town, who might help to relieve some of my chronic lower back pain that was partly attributed to arthritis.

Not that I was especially enthusiastic about the appointment, having come from a long line of cynics about that "new age stuff".

But I completed the session with so much more than back relief, that weeks later, the experience is alive and vibrant in my memory.

Can I name the experience? Probably not! For certain it was not the superficial muscle massage that I expected.

The logical part of me thinks of the experience as chiropractic meeting psychotherapy in the hall of visualization where I shook hands with Reiki in a bit of a hypnotic state.

The intuitive part of me felt a warm, supportive, and focused understanding of an unfulfilled need for a different kind of assistance in resolving some linked psychic and physical pain.

I found at least five points of assistance in the experience. There were probably many more that are beyond my consciousness.

Hari has a marvelous capacity to unlock inner personal resources; to focus them at a self-chosen pace; to practically attend to the physical, thinking, feeling and spiritual aspects of ourselves with a holistic approach; to gently confront gaps among those domains; help to resolve them; and create a lasting impression on our perception of how the parts of our being are connected or not.

Hari is a trusted guide with great methods for promoting better personal health. And that really is something special to look forward to.

Wayne Bazant

Bangkok 10/08/02

Petya began the session with a consultation, asking me about any problems or issues I had and any healing work I'd done in the past. I came wanting to work on releasing energy from my throat chakra, where I'd been experiencing a block recently. I often felt a scratchiness and tightness in my throat when I received energy work or was in situations where I needed to express my feelings.

I lay down on a massage table, and Petya gently laid her hands on my chest. While lightly pressing on my chest, she invited me to tune into my body and what I was feeling. I began to experience the block in my throat, and she asked me to describe it. To me it felt like a black blob. Petya encouraged me to talk with the blob and find out where it had come from, when I had first experienced it. I felt it was related to my early childhood, and Petya then guided me in getting in touch with my inner child. All the while, she was gently pressing on my chest and doing energy work.

The more I spoke about my childhood, the more strongly I felt the blob in my throat. Finally the buildup became so intense that I felt I had to cough. Petya encouraged me to do so, and I proceeded to cough for about 10 minutes. During this time Petya gave me energy by placing her hands above but not touching my throat. Emotionally I felt very safe working with Petya, and very supported. When I finished coughing I was exhausted, but at the same time felt much lighter than I had before the session, and I no longer felt any block in my throat.

After the session when I was at home, I did a meditation and felt very aligned with my inner child, which had always been a difficult contact for me in the past. I feel that during the session I released a lot of emotion that had been stuck for a long time, which then allowed for a better integration of the body-mind in myself.

Thank you, Petya, for facilitating and guiding my healing in such a gentle and loving manner.

Lucy Burns
Bangkok, Thailand
December 2002

In February this year I went to see Petya for an "Emotional Trauma Release" session. At the time I was in a situation where I felt totally empty, just a shell without any character or confidence left. I had just split up with my boyfriend, who, for the last part of our relationship had heavily criticised me, and I found I wasn't coping as well as I'd hoped.

Through talking about how I was feeling, Petya helped me to become much calmer and more confident within myself. Due to her supportive and non-judgmental, intuitive support and advice, I was able to gain a better understanding and broader view of the situation. The second half of the session was centered around putting me in touch with my sub-conscious. At first I found this very hard and often felt uncomfortable to do. Though gradually, through Petya's guidance, I was able to understand what was causing me to react in the way that I was. This part of the treatment was the most inspirational and cleansing for me. I felt as if I'd gone deeper into myself, to question how I was feeling, than I had ever done before. Afterwards I felt very fragile, but much lighter and, literally, as if something had been released from my chest.

Each time I've tried to write this, I have had more realizations. These have made me aware of how my emotional state was an end result of many aspects and relationships in my life, not just that particular one. The treatment may have just been one session, but its work is still continuing with me now. Without the invaluable insight and guidance of Petya, I feel I may never have reached this level of understanding within myself."

Nina Taylor,
Tokyo, Japan
February 2001

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