The following description of Drisana comes from the Spiritual Undfoldment Network (SUN)

Drisana is an energy system of such power and sophistication that it surprises even most professional energy workers. Yet its versatility and ease of use makes it perfect for even the complete beginner to energy work. It is of Tibetan origin - the word 'Drisana' itself is Sanskrit for "the daughter of the sun." Of the hundreds of energy systems into which I have been initiated, there are only a few that I use daily and, of these, Drisana is the one I use most frequently.

* Each level of Drisana contains an unusually large number of empowerments [attunements], many of which have no parallel in any other system.

* Drisana is one of only a few energy systems in the world that work with all seven planes of reality - the physical, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, monadic and cosmic.

* Drisana is the only energy system in the world that works by directly accessing the star tetrahedron shaped energy fields surrounding our six incarnational centers (also known as the six permanent atoms).

Although some of the above may sound too theoretical, what Drisana can do for you - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - is not.

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Introduction to SUN Energies

We are certified teachers in the Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N.). The teachers listed on the Spiritual Unfoldment Network website at http://www.spiritunfold.com/teachers.htm are the only certified S.U.N. Teachers. Others on the internet (on Ebay and elsewhere) claiming to have the ability to pass on the attunements do not. The S.U.N. teachers listed have all had a minimum of a year of intense private and in-class training with Irving Feurst, the founder and director of S.U.N. You will find them to be among the most accomplished energy workers anywhere!