It is becoming increasingly accepted that our thoughts shape our physical bodies to a great extent. Many experiments have shown that if people's thoughts are directed in a positive way their health improves.

While on a conscious level this is useful to know, what can we do about subconscious beliefs that are unhealthy? How do we first identify these beliefs, and then, more importantly, go about releasing them?

Every person has access to a 're-source-full' place from where anything is possible. This place or 'source' is the foundation of creation for each individual since it is free of any conditioning or programming. By commanding our biological and physical processes from this source, truly transformative healing occurs.

Developed by Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing™ is a technique through which limiting beliefs are identified and released on many different levels. These levels include, past and future, as well as genetic and core.

Theta Healing™ also deals with dual or conflicting beliefs. Once having released limiting beliefs, the body is able to access its true patterns of health and vitality and not waste energy on protecting itself from energy blocks (limiting beliefs) that harm it.

While primarily used for health, Theta Healing™ can be used for all areas of one's life, including creating a more prosperous and happier environment.

The Theta Healing™ workshop is held over two-and-half days, scheduled to meet participants' needs.

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