Classes from Egyptian Mystery Schools

Phoenix Rising I

The Phoenix Rising energy is a powerful rejuvenating energy that has both a rejuvenating and energizing effect on the human etheric subtle body. Since the etheric body is the 'template' or 'blueprint' for the physical body, any benefits to the etheric body will be manifested in the physical body.

The Phoenix energy works on all physical systems and strengthens, among others, the thymus, pituitary, pineal and adrenal glands, as well as the heart.

The class teaches students how to use this remarkable energy for a simple daily practice that will effectively tonify the body and give an instant energy boost, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Through regular use the benefits increase and there are remarkable long-lasting effects as rejuvenation occurs.

The mythical Egyptian bird the phoenix has become a symbol of long life and even immortality. Although the bird itself is mythical, its esoteric reference is to an energy that is quite real. We are not promising you immortality, however, since ancient times there have been extraordinary stories of the rejuvenatory power of these energies. Clairvoyant observations and personal feedback convince us these stories are substantially true.

If you would like to feel and look younger, Phoenix Rising is the perfect way to do it.

Phoenix Rising II

Strengthens all the attunements from Phoenix Rising I. Requires no new practices.

Red Ankh I

Few people become spiritually clairvoyant without receiving an initiation for that purpose. Spiritual clairvoyance differs from ordinary clairvoyance in three main ways.

(1) Ordinary clairvoyance is a personal power; spiritual clairvoyance is a power of the soul. Ordinary clairvoyance is just an ability to see; spiritual clairvoyance is the ability to see through the 'eyes' of the soul. Thus, spiritual clairvoyance includes more than the ability to see beyond the barriers of space, time, and matter. It includes such things as being able to see everyone as an embodiment of God, the ability to see the action of God in the daily life of oneself and others, etc.

(2) Ordinary clairvoyance does not necessarily carry with it the capacity to put what one sees into a spiritual perspective; by its very nature, spiritual clairvoyance does.

(3) Ordinary clairvoyance always limits you to the particular bandwidths (i.e. frequencies of subtle energy) which your personality predisposes you to see. This is one of the main reasons that different clairvoyants will see the same person's aura as consisting of different patterns of colors. Fully developed spiritual clairvoyance allows you to see all frequencies.

The Red Ankh II

Prerequisite: The Red Ankh I.

This course significantly increases the power of the Red Ankh attunement.

The Bliss of Osiris I

The Bliss of Osiris is an ancient and powerful energy from one of the three main mystery schools of ancient Egypt. It is primarily a meditation energy and secondarily an energy for use during spiritual sexual practices.

The name "Bliss of Osiris" comes from the stories of these schools in which Osiris was said to have given to humanity the arts of both meditation and spiritual sex. Through both, one is "reborn."

After the workshop you will be able to use this energy for yourself or others in a variety of different ways - in meditation or as a sexual energy.

Bliss of Osiris II

Prerequisite: Bliss of Osiris I.

Strengthens all the attunements from Bliss of Osiris I. Requires no new practices.

Neriya I - V

What Drisana achieves through many energetic empowerments, or attunements, Neriya achieves spontaneously. Neriya addresses all seven planes of existence, and beyond, bringing in energies from beyond the cosmic plane. It is possibly the most advanced energy system available.

Prerequisite: Drisana 3

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