Releasing Past Life Karma

Very simply, karma can be thought of as cause and effect. Intrinsically, there is no such thing as 'bad karma'. For example, if you drop an expensive vase and it breaks, gravity is not 'punishing' you – it is simply cause and effect.

Generally, most work on releasing the influences of past lives focuses on the recall of dramatic events. In reality, what is most important is neither recall nor working with dramatic episodes but the energetic release of "samskaras" - a Sanskrit term meaning the limiting influences of our thoughts, feelings and actions built up through many past lives.

Karma can be looked at as a result of our desires and tendencies, or samskaras, and as such can be defined as whatever separates us from God. The samskaras exist at the level of consciousness and also at the level of energy/structure.

In this workshop you will be given an energetic attunement and acquire a system that enables you to work in an ongoing way with the energetic release of those samskaras that are ready to shift and be released. This has the effect of reducing the influence of or even removing unwanted patterns of behavior leading to positive changes in personality, avoidance of repeating past errors and an increased sense of feeling freer to act as one would like.

Working with Planetary Triangles

This workshop facilitates working with energies from the planets in our solar system, especially in complementary groups of three. Some examples of what these groups of three, or triangles, can achieve are: balancing ying and yang energies, developing clairvoyance, realizing soul purpose, emotional healing, and manifesting.

The attunements in the workshop can be used for oneself or up to a roomful of people.

In addition, workshop participants will be able to receive a weekly transmission of energy (roughly 45 minutes) from an archangel.

This workshop emphasizes receiving energies, not the conscious running of energies "to do work."

Infinite Light of Huna levels I-III

'Primordial light' or the light creating the phenomenal world, is a concept present in many traditions. By connecting with this I'ao, 'infinite light' or 'infinite mind' as it is called in Huna, we can 'see through' the illusions of the phenomenal world to the underlying reality.

Merging with primordial light can lead to enlightenment, and primordial light can be used for manifestation, sexual practices, dream work, healing, etc.

This workshop explains the core concepts of the Malaka tradition of Huna, and gives a lengthy initiation that sensitizes the brain and nervous system to infinite light in sleep and dreams.

No daily practice from the workshop is necessary, only a clear intention at night to benefit from infinite light.

Rainbow Heart

Rainbow Heart strengthens seven key qualities of the heart; love, courage, zest, faith, joy, compassion, and serenity. In addition to developing these qualities in your own heart, you will be able to instill them in others as well.

The information and the energies in the workshop come from the goddess Tara.

Tara is considered to be the primary female manifestation of Buddhahood and is one of the most popular figures in the Buddhist world. She perfectly embodies compassion and is said to love each sentient being as a mother loves her only child.

The Meridian Flush I

The Meridian Flush is an exceptionally powerful attunement for clearing the 14 most commonly worked with acupuncture meridians.

Keeping your meridians clear can have profound effects not only at the physical/etheric level but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being. It is also useful in many situations such as when one has a cold, or to counteract the effects of jetlag.

After the workshop, you will be able to activate the Meridian Flush attunement (for yourself or others) anytime you like, and the energy will run to completion by itself (taking about 5 hours), doing a thorough job of clearing the meridians.

If you continue to use the attunement regularly, you will find that over time your meridians are cleared at deeper and deeper levels.

Because the Meridian Flush I attunement has its own built-in absentee transmission component, you can send the attunement to someone at a distance purely through intention.

The Meridian Flush II

Strengthens all the attunements from Meridian Flush I. Requires no new practices.

Moving towards Freedom

(The following description comes from the SUN website)

A continuous transmission of a very unusual energy. One exposure to this energy results in a permanent 30% reduction in the strength of one's negative patterns. The energy works by reducing the strength of the impulses going from the etheric brain to the nervous system when the pattern becomes active.

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