Where does the power of creation begin and end?

Feng Shui in Tokyo Japan

Feng Shui, the ancient art of environmental placement and harmony sees the world as completely alive with energy where everything is interconnected in a dynamic relationship that affects all aspects of our lives and everything we experience. There is a basic universal law by which we create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs, feeling and actions in interaction with the environment we live in. At Lifeforces we tap into these forces and work with you on the deepest energetic level of the creation cycle. True change and transformation can only happen inside of us. However, for the new to be able to take root and fully integrate into our lives it also needs to be anchored and reflected in our surroundings. In other words, for joy, peace and harmony to truly exist in our lives our inner and outer worlds need to reflect each other fully. Any incongruence between them expresses as a dis-ease on some level. On the other hand, living in a harmonious environment means improved health, more rewarding relationships and an increase in happiness and prosperity.

Lifeforces' Feng Shui will give you exactly what YOU need in order to move into a fast(er) track of personal and spiritual growth. We will assist you in opening a new personal doorway to transformation, creativity and power and show you how to:
  • see the world around you with new eyes;
  • live your life more consciously and enjoy it more fully;
  • recognize and work through any areas of resistance to change;
  • reach a new level of clarity and ability to focus on what is important to you in your life;
  • identify the areas of your home or office that will most affect your ability to achieve your goals;
  • maintain good energy throughout your home or office and improve your physical vitality and wellbeing;
  • live in balance, harmony and deep satisfaction with who you are and what you are doing with your life and discover that having what you want is easy, powerful, and fun!
Lifeforces Feng Shui incorporates a wide variety of approaches guiding you to create the best environment to support you in who you want to be.

An additional and very powerful way of assisting you to move even more effectively on your spiritual path is opening interdimensional gateways in your home or office which will connect you with the primordial ray of creation. In the kabbalistic tradition, when the primordial ray of creation brought the universe into being it split into many fragments, each fragment encoding a portion of the primordial Tree of Life and creating a separate dimension. Therefore, only when the fragments come together again can the divine plan be fulfilled and only when we carry the energies of certain key dimensions can our divine potential be fully realized. These key dimensions are Love, Vision, Joy, Vitality, Universal Acceptance, Serenity, Power, Courage, Hope, Compassion, Lightness of Being and Receptivity to Divine Will.

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