Miraculous Vessels

The following description is taken from the Spiritual Unfoldement Network (SUN) http://www.spiritunfold.com

The name of this course [Miraculous Vessels] comes from the energy channels referred to in the Taoist and pre-Taoist traditions by such names as the miraculous vessels, the extraordinary vessels, the psychic vessels or channels, etc. One reason that has been given for the name of these channels is that they are remarkable reservoirs of energy; this energy can either be drawn upon or the vessels will hold what some traditional sources describe as virtually any amount of excess. The ancient Taoists and pre-Taoists used these vessels to greatly accelerate spiritual evolution, as well as to develop various supernormal powers.

The three primary goals of this system are:

* profound harmonization of body, mind and spirit

* compassion for all sentient beings

* oneness and reciprocity with nature

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