"Health is not just the absence of disease, it is a state of positive wellbeing that is not only physical but emotional and ultimately spiritual." D. Chopra

True holistic therapy in Tokyo Japan

Mind. Body. Spirit. Our three major components, intimately interlinked and inseparable. What happens when one of these components experiences a disturbance that is beyond its ability to repair? The disturbance can cause an ailment in another area as the body tries to compensate, and the source of the problem may not be recognized. This is where holistic healing can help. True holistic treatments deal with the underlying causes of any mind, body or spirit disturbance, identifying the origins of any affliction no matter what the outward symptoms might be and addressing that point. Only in this way can lasting health be attained, by breaking the vicious circle of treating a symptom only to have the real origin cause the same or more serious problem at a later date.

In order to identify where the true origin of a health problem lies, experience in the many manifestations of imbalances in the mind, body and spirit is necessary in order to be able to determine what kinds of treatments might be beneficial.

Often, emotional upsets can have a physical component or manifestation. In addition to the intellectual realizations that are necessary to achieve peace of mind the physical aspect must be released, to lead to true balance. Similarly, physical ailments can have emotional or mental causes best treated by releasing the worries that led to them. Many complementary therapies only deal with a few aspects of our selves. They may be suitable or they may not, leading people to try a few alternatives before giving up and returning to standard, symptom oriented medicine. Complementary treatments are not intended to replace standard medicine, especially in cases of emergency or in extremis. If health imbalances can be treated before they become clinically apparent then standard medicine need not be employed and no longer is it necessary to take a pill for every minor affliction. On the other end of the scale, when standard medicine has given up and can offer no cure, for example in terminal or chronic conditions, complementary therapies often achieve remarkable results.


Everybody is a unique individual; therefore a treatment exactly suitable for one person cannot be suitable for another. Hospitals and doctors do not have the time or facilities to determine the best treatment for each patient; initially, they only apply a broad spectrum of solutions, or wait until the situation becomes more extreme. At Lifeforces, recognizing the uniqueness of every person, each client is carefully attended to by: looking at medical history and lifestyle; conducting a synergistic, holistic evaluation: putting forward comprehensive suggestions for treatment specifically tailored to the client at that time.


At Lifeforces the three components of the client are treated as follows. For the mind, hypno~psychotherapy. Using elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), dream work (Jungian analysis), Gestalt, visualization, dialogue, as well as hypnosis, clients can discover for themselves what they need to know in order to facilitate change. Often the client is able to attain realizations and understanding without the need to talk. This preserves privacy and can happen in just a few sessions. This is in contrast to a more traditional approach where the therapist tells the client what the problem is, gives them a label and therapy can continue seemingly indefinitely.


For the body, craniosacral therapy, an extremely gentle yet very effective form of bodywork, which also contains elements of energy healing and psychotherapy. Dealing with the entire body physical blocks and restrictions are identified and released. Also, by supporting the body and allowing it to move in the way it needs to, healing can take place from within, where it is the most natural and potent.


For the spirit, energy healing. Drisana, Sekhem,, and other types of channeled energy such as Reiki, and non-channeled energies, (such as Qi Gong) are employed. By laying hands on or above the client appropriate energies are brought in through the practitioner to interact with the human energy field of the client. Any imbalance in the mind, body or spirit has a counterpart in the surrounding human energy field. By bringing in a normalizing frequency and balancing this field, channeled energy is capable of addressing anything from depression to severe physical conditions. Again, this is a soft, non-invasive and powerful treatment that allows the client to access those areas within that lead to natural healing.

As well as the above, other treatments such as crystal therapy, chakra balancing exercises, or colour therapy may also be employed.

In a calm and peaceful setting these three modalities for the mind, body and spirit are synergistically blended and tailored according to the client's needs.

If this holistic treatment is not considered suitable, or healing can be obtained quicker through other means, advice is openly given as to other practices and therapies that may be of benefit.

With countless complementary therapies available it is often difficult to decide which ones will be the most suitable to nurture the process of self-healing. Lifeforces offers a consultation service in order that clients may understand more about complementary therapies and as Lifeforces has experience in a very wide variety of complementary health fields, clients can confidently avail themselves of an evaluation. Consultations are free of obligation and cost.

Lifeforces is committed to providing training of the highest standards. Classes are offered in a wide variety of channeled energies, and they are held frequently. Full support is given to all practitioners who have studied at Lifeforces. Also, share groups are hosted for those interested in experiencing the energies and for energy healers to get together to exchange information, and receive treatment for themselves, a necessity that is often overlooked.

Lifeforces has access to a great deal of information about many varied courses, clinics, schools, teachers and workshops from many parts of the world. This information is available to anyone on request.

"As is the atom so is the Universe. As is the human body so is the cosmic body. As is the human mind so is the cosmic mind. As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm." Ayurvedic principle

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