LIFEFORCES #1 SHINAGAWA Bay Crest Tower #3310, Konan 3-9-33, Minato-ku

(Please look below for directions to LIFEFORCES #2 in SHINANOMACHI and the Free Energy Share)

Take the Konan exit from Shinagawa JR, walk past the NTT building (on your left) to the traffic lights. Turn left, and then right at the next lights by the SONY building. Go over the bridge. Keep walking. Baycrest Tower #3310 is on your left immediately after the expressway, monorail and shinkansen tracks overhead, just by the next bridge. Call #3310 in the foyer. Tel 080-5069-1714


email or telephone Japan 080-5069-1714 or email or telephone Japan 090-6107-4968
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