This energy is available to anyone. There is no need for any attunement, just intend for the energy to flow and you will access it automatically.

To access the Heart Light™ energy for yourself or for someone else, place your hand over the heart and run the energy down either arm and into the heart. The heart will soak it up – it has been called gvitamins for the heart.h

You need to have the intention to keep the energy flowing the whole time you are using it. However, it is intention, not will power. Even the smallest amount of intention at the back of your mind will do the job. It should feel almost effortless.

There are two uses of Heart Light™. It can be used just to give the heart a warm, expanded, nourished feeling in present time. If Heart Light™ is used regularly (at least once a day for 10 to 15 minutes) then over time it will actually increase your ability to give and receive love. However, you must use it regularly to get this result.

Many people, even those who do not feel subtle energy, notice the beginning of a permanent shift in their heart after as little as a week of using Heart Light™. Even if you donft feel anything while you are using it, we suggest using it for at least a week.

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