Uses of Reiki

Reiki energy is present everywhere and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Reiki complements and enhances all other disciplines and spiritual practices and has numerous practical uses in everyday life:
  • Reiki balances the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sides of oneself
  • Reiki purifies the body
  • Reiki releases blocked energy, enabling the body to heal itself
  • Reiki aids relaxation and promotes calmness and higher spiritual awareness
  • Reiki can be used to empower personal goals such as relationships, careers and lifestyles
  • Reiki cannot be used for harmful purposes


During the one day experiential workshop you will be given several Reiki attunements, i.e. you will be opened as a channel to be able to transmit Reiki energy. In addition, you will learn: a brief history of Reiki and its development, how to scan yourself and others in order to find areas of imbalance and reduced vitality; the correct positioning of hands in order to give a Reiki treatment; and an afternoon of practice sessions. You will immediately be able to use the Reiki process on yourself, others, and also in many areas of your daily life.


This one-day workshop introduces three Reiki symbols that further enhance the ability to channel Reiki, focus it more specifically on physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual areas, as well as send it over distance and through time. In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of Reiki, and learn how to enhance the attainment of goals in daily life, whether physical, mental and emotional, or spiritual.


During this one-day workshop you will be attuned to the Reiki Master symbol, and its origins, meaning, effects and usage will be explained. You will be taught and will have an opportunity to practice a very powerful healing technique called Reiki psychic surgery. In addition, we will discuss the metaphysical uses of stones and you will learn how to charge crystals and other healing stones with Reiki and how to make a Reiki grid with crystals and its uses. You will also be guided in two meditations - a Reiki yantra meditation and a Reiki moving meditation. Finally, there will be a discussion and preparatory exercises for the Reiki Master course.


The Reiki Master training is a two-day workshop and is designed for those who wish to become Reiki teachers, therefore the focus of the workshop is on passing on to you all you need to know in order to be able to attune people to the Reiki energy and to teach all levels of Reiki. Hari and Petya are among the very few non-Japanese Reiki master/teachers to teach the original Usui system as preserved only in Japan and you will be given a lot of information on the original Usui symbols as well as two Tibetan Symbols, to which you will be attuned and their usage will be explained. You will be taught the Reiki attunement techniques for all levels, including those for distant and self-attunement. In addition the following topics will be covered
  • Microcosmic Orbit meditation,
  • Grounding,
  • Purification techniques,
  • Antakarana, Values and attitudes of being a Reiki teacher,
  • The contents of each level.
And above all there will be lots and lots of practice doing the various attunements!


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